Shellamy Baby

Shellamy Baby is an Australian based business created by two friends: Amy and Bron. Their long standing friendship (they met at high school!!) is now also a beautiful business partnership. (Spirit!)

They offer products for babies and toddlers that aim to be made with materials sourced from nature. Perfect as a gift or just to indulge your own babe.

Learn more about Amy and Bron here!

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Brush and Comb Set


There is a growing demand for natural products for babies that use materials sourced from nature rather than made using synthetic components. The Shellamy Baby Brush & Comb Set features 2 brushes and a comb all made with high quality and natural materials.

The SOFT HAIRBRUSH contains natural goat hair bristles and a strong handle made with beach wood.
The use of natural bristles helps to keep oils in the scalp and to spread them evenly to help ensure an overall healthier head.

The MASSAGE BRUSH contains wooden bristles and a strong handle made with beach wood. The massage brush is perfect for relaxing babies while increasing circulation in their scalp.

The premium WOODEN COMB is made with maple wood and is perfect for detangling tiny knots and
styling hair.