Designed in Melbourne. Inspired by our little ones. Fueled by coffee.

Susukoshi was founded by 4 sleep deprived mothers (big dreamers) with a big passion and big dreams. They started the brand when they first had little ones (at almost the same time!) and wanted something that was not so “blue is for boy and pink is for girl”. They are also a bunch of creative heads and so just couldn’t help themselves from making use of their maternity leave and launching a business venture.

The word “Susukoshi” means little in Japanese. This reflects a love of Japanese design and architecture (simple but detailed) and also reflects how their products are exclusively produced. They are not at all about mass producing and selling. Every detail is handpicked from the fabrics to the design and colours.

The ladies at Susukoshi believe in sustainable and ethical design and would like to practice it wherever possible. They work very hard on each design; for it to look fabulous and timeless and be comfortable.

As mothers, they understand that little ones deserve the best but the best can burn holes in our pockets. So as mothers and dreamers, they chug on few cuppas a day and make sure they bridge that gap of affordable quality wear and sustainability.

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Navy Handmade Bib


This bib by Susukoshi is super soft and so stylish! Made from quality cotton elastane material. This bib is handmade ethically in Indonesia.